Services and Supports

At Texman we don’t just sell inks to the customers but make sure that their print requirements are being satisfied, that is the whole idea behind the name of our company. We prioritize customer satisfaction and so our services are always open to our customers. Please bring us your requirements, print problems and we are happy to assist you in the best possible way.


Colour mixing/matching

  • Colour matching is an art which needs to be understood extensively, it is not just about mixing many colours to derive the desired colour/shade but the simplest way to a solution.
  • A colour maker should understand the limitations involved in colour mixing and the relation between the pigment load and performance of the ink.
  • We are willing to educate and clarify our customers on how the colours/pigments of different ink systems should be handled and mixed for best results.

Customized product development

  • R&D plays a very major role in our business, it provides powerful knowledge and insights, leads to improvements to existing process/products where efficiency can be increased, costs reduced.
  • It also leads to development of new products that could be game changer in the market and make our customer’s life easier.
  • So, we are always ready to customize/develop our products to you requirements provided that it is commercially viable.


On-site support

  • We often attend to our customers in their own facilities to observe their process first-hand to offer the most appropriate, suitable solutions.
  • Reach us for free on-site support it might just be the best decision that you ever made for your business.