Texman Printing Solutions

is a family owned business, been trading screen printing commodities since 1994, the experience and knowledge we gathered since our inception has evolved us into a manufacturer. We started manufacturing operations in 2016. Our factory is strategically located in the knitwear capital of India – Tirupur, 40 minutes away from the International airport at Coimbatore-which is well known for its engineering capabilities and textile hardware. On the other side has the SIPCOT industrial estate of Perundurai - home to many prominent textile processing units, followed by Erode and Karur – hub of home textiles.


“Texman to be the preferred ink partner by the best textile brands across the world”


“To standout in the industry for making high performance textile inks”



  • We have worked hand in hand with our Architects, Engineers and machine manufacturers, to design, select and position the machines in our factory, this has resulted in good ergonomics and highly efficient manufacturing process.
  • Our factory currently houses state of the art machineries like High Speed Dispersers, Three roll mills among others in a built up area of 1400 on a total area of 8340, The in house laboratory is equipped with modern instruments to measure and control quality parameters of the inks like particle size, viscosity, pH, colour depth, solid content etc., to meet the product demand and quality control that is expected by our customers.
  • The Production capacity of our factory currently stands at 250 tonnes/month and we utilize this to make a very small range of products at which we strive to excel, whilst keeping the safety and health of our employee's in mind at every step, most of our machines are CE certified, explosion proof with wiring and control panels isolated away from the work zone, all the employees handling chemicals are provided with proper PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Facilities to safely dispose and wash off chemical spillages, the best available technology for in-house effluent treatment with zero liquid discharge.
  • Solid waste management, Rain water harvesting, solar power generation are some of the methods by which we minimise waste of material and energy.


  • Since our inception we have incessantly strived towards perfecting our products in all fronts to meet the expectations of customers.
  • At Texman we believe that our products define us, therefore we focus on manufacturing only a few benchmark products rather than having a wide range of products.
  • Our products are made with high quality raw materials in the best processing machineries available in the market.
  • They are also formulated with the top ecological and toxicological standards in mind, we regularly perform chemical analysis and cross verify our formulations against various MRSL and RSL requirements of Garment Brands.
  • We are actively working towards obtaining ISO certification, GOTS V6.0 approval and listing our products on the ZDHC gateway.